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Our mission is to communicate brand values by producing and implementing our customers' ideas. We offer unique and customized services in all advertising media and go wherever it takes to carry out your projects.

We are production specialists, but we speak the language of creatives. Our multidisciplinary team - comprised of technical designers - has the necessary skills to follow through the development process of any advertising medium, providing the best solutions for each situation.

  • up-to-date graphic design technology
  • creative ability
  • streamlining skills
  • materials advice
  • 3d proposals
  • among others

Our offering includes direct printing on all surfaces and materials. Our equipment can handle small-, medium- and large-format printing on rigid and flexible media.

We have 100% latex printing technology, thus ensuring compliance with all environmental standards.

  • screen
  • vinyl
  • fabric
  • wood
  • glass
  • metals
  • PVC
  • cardboard
  • among others

Boasting state-of-the-art technology, our metalworking team focuses on the production of tailor-made pieces with various custom materials.

Our team specializes in the creation, production and maintenance of all types of advertising media.

  • outdoors
  • billboards
  • lightboxes
  • letter signs
  • decorative structures
  • among others

We offer painting services to support visual communication and advertising. Our paint booth provides a clean and safe environment for painting a wide range of materials. Moreover, the waste filtration, drying system and proper lighting make the finishes perfect!

  • pvc painting
  • custom screens
  • custom banners
  • stands
  • among others

A complementary department at CdR, where experienced and rigorous hands solve demanding details.

  • finishes
  • pads/puffs
  • banners
  • backdrops
  • among others

We work under the most stringent certification standards to ensure high levels of effectiveness, quality, durability, and safety.

  • illuminated advertising hoardings
  • lightboxes
  • letter signs
  • advertising totems
  • led and neon decorative lighting
  • among others

We train assembly teams - duly certified to operate under all conditions - to work at heights.

We guarantee our employees' safety and seek to respond quickly.

  • outdoors
  • billboard mounting and placement
  • among others

Cutting and precision technology ensure adequate solutions and total customer satisfaction.

Cutting and engraving are based on state-of-the-art technology that can handle any type of material, no matter how resistant.

  • mdf
  • wood
  • alucobond
  • aluminum
  • pvc
  • pp
  • acrylic
  • hips
  • among others

Welding work, screen finishes, or automatic grommet placement are carried out effectively.

  • screens and micro-perforated elements
  • among others
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